The Foundation for the Development of Guatemala - FUNDESA is a non-profit private entity, made up of businessmen in a personal capacity, independent of sectoral, union or partisan interests, it was established in 1984 by the interest of Guatemalan businessmen to generate and implement programs and projects that promote economic and social development in Guatemala in a sustainable way.

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 Economic Newsletter | December
Report of the main indicators of the economy during December 2022


 Competitiveness | Market Size


 Economic Newsletter | November
Report of the main indicators of the economy during November 2022


 Competitiveness | Competitiveness and the Financial System




Representatives of the Government of Guatemala and the private sector signed an agreement within the framework of the plan, Guatemala Moving Forward, which will give life to the roadmap for the attraction of more strategic investments and the strengthening of exports in the country. In addition, FUNDESA signed an Inter- Institutional Cooperation Agreement with the Municipality of Guatemala that gives life to the Directorate of Support for Productive Investment and Competitiveness. Additionally, the agreement for the infrastructure, human capital and legal certainty component of the project was signed.

Project progress:

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FUNDESA released the 5th edition of the Local Competitiveness Index (ICL), which is constituted as a tool allowing comparative evaluation of competitiveness in the country at the sub-national level, providing information on the existing gaps in those factors (12 pillars) which directly contribute to increasing productivity at the territorial level in Guatemala.

Information: https://fundesa.org.gt/en/indexes-and-country-assessments/index-of-local-competitiveness

Presentation: https://fundesa.org.gt/content/files/indices/icl/FUNDESA_-_LOCAL_COMPETITIVENESS_INDEX_2021_ENG.pdf






Since 2018, FUNDESA began a series of workshops and work tables with the participation of professors from Babson College and Entrepreneurs, with the aim of activating the ecosystem of the region by identifying areas of growth. The High Growth Companies program is designed to help companies rapidly achieve new growth in a profitable and sustainable manner.



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