ENADE, the annual business conference organized by FUNDESA, is the country’s most important forum. The country’s productive sector, representatives from all three powers of state, civil society, and world leaders gather to discuss and present on each year’s central topic.

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International Indexes

The value of FUNDESA’s analysis relies on using updated and relevant information to measure all areas that can affect and generate development in the country.


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FUNDESA’s monthly economic newsletter, reports on the countries main economic indicators. The development newsletter reports on where Guatemala stands in comparison to other Latin-American countries in international indexes.

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Information and updates on initiatives, press releases, newsletters, studies, etc. that the media and public in general can access.


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Mejoremos Guate is an initiative created by business professionals that have combined efforts and resources to build strategies for public policies to aid in the countries development. It’s an open and inclusive proposal to promote dialogue and to form a development plan that all sectors and parties can agree upon. The initiative is endorsed by the organized private sector and involves projects that will pave the path to a more prosperous, unified and secure Guatemala.


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FUNDESA, The Guatemalan Development Foundation, is a non-profit private entity, comprised by business professionals in their personal capacities, independent of sector, cluster, and/or political interests. It was founded in 1984, as a channel for the private sector to create and implement projects that could aid in the country’s sustainable economic and social development. FUNDESA’s ultimate goal is reducing poverty by 35% by the year 2021, Guatemala’s 200th independence anniversary.

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FUNDESA, The Guatemalan Development Foundation, is a non-profit private entity, comprised by business professionals in their personal capacities. FUNDESA works to contribute in the sustainable and democratic development of the country, in a market economy and the Rule of Law, by consolidating an independent and representative organization that can responsibly propose initiatives that in the long-term can aid in Guatemala’s development.